Bob Van Oosterhout

2009 NASW-MI Annual Conference Presentation
Support Opportunity & Service Circles - A Neigborhood Organizing Tool
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Anger and Impulse Control
Anxiety, Depression, PTSD
Behavioral Health Integration with Primary Care
Bring Truth to Fear: We CAN Work Together
Hard Times Cafe Model of Empowerment
Links to Videos for Online Stress Management at LCC
Managing Chronic Pain and Headaches
Mental Health
Moral Philosophy
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Practical Psychology: What Works and Makes Sense
Problem Solving - Responding Effectively to Problems
Slow Down and Lighten Up
Spiritual Writing
Stress Management
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New Perspective on Treating Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD
This presentation outlines how mind, body, and emotion interact to produce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  It describes the physiology of these symptoms as well as emotional restrictions, perceptions, and patterns of thinking that contribute to them.  Participants will be provided with a set of simple tools that have been consistently effective in helping clients recover from this disorders and will learn how to explain the underlying causes of symptoms to clients in simple terms.

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